Symptoms and causes of chesty cough

Did you ever experience the awkward moment when you go to a restaurant to eat and just the moment you are about to eat your food, you start coughing? People a cough for various reasons. When your breathing passage becomes inflamed due to smoke, dust or mucus, you start to cough. Coughing is actually a reflex action from our end to get rid of the irritant from our airway.

There are mainly two kinds of coughs. Broadly speaking there are two main types of cough: a chesty cough and dry cough. Chesty cough produces phlegm or mucus; whereas, the dry cough doesn’t produce any mucus. Whenever the body releases excess mucus from the respiratory system, we have a chesty cough. It is usually caused due to flu or cold. When we have a cold, excess mucus is produced causing chesty coughs.

Symptoms of chesty cough

Having cold or flu is an indication of a chesty cough. You might have fever or blocked nose. You can have a sore throat as the cough may irritate the throat lining. It feels very bad in the morning as you feel that something is stuck in the chest or as if someone is squeezing your chest. Sometimes, you may feel pain in your chest, too.

Causes of chesty cough

Chesty cough occurs due to the overproduction of mucus in the lungs. It results in chest congestion which is due to infections in the respiratory tract. This infection is caused due to dust, virus, and bacteria that attack the lungs. Chesty cough can also occur due to pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases. If you are a regular smoker then you are likely to have chesty cough. Due to the irritation of lungs smoke causes extra production of mucus, resulting in chesty cough.

Expectorants are used in treating this condition. It helps to make the mucus thin so that it can easily go out of the body. You can also get relief from various herbal remedies. As chesty coughs are caused by virus, antibiotics won’t work in this case. People who have weak immune system may take a long time to recover. If the condition stays for several days, then the underlying cause of it may be serious. In such case, you should go to the doctor and get a thorough examination. Leaving it untreated will make your health condition worse and will increase your chance of having more serious disease.