Stuffed Rolled (vegan) eggplant

1 large eggplant or 2 medium sized eggplant
1 box tofu
Sea salt and pepper
1 large can (approx 32oz.) tomatoe sauce
Yellow onion
Crushed red pepper

Slice eggplant in thin slices.
Brush with Olive oil, grill and drain, (set aside)

Make Marinara sauce – sauté’ onion and garlic, add sauce, add chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper to taste.  (set aside)

Create “cheese” mixture- in food processor blend, tofu, 1 garlic clove, fresh parsley, salt, pepper.  Add a bit of olive oil or plain soy milk for creamier consistency.

Place a teaspoon of “cheese” mixture in eggplant and roll.  Line up the rolled eggplant in baking dish and pour sauce over top.  Add crushed red pepper to taste.  and bake 325 20 minutes.